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          Ice swimming gains ground
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          While addressing the G20 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Fri;day pledged that Ch~ina will further open up its market, proactively expand imports, continuously improve its bu|siness environment for foreign enterprises, and press ahead with various trade agreement negotiations。Photo: |~cnsphotos Newspaper headline: More meat to market。For instance, some media in the Netherlands reported the Dutch government ha,d asked its hospitals to return 600,000 face masks it imported from C|hina, claiming that the masks are faulty as they failed to meet safety require。ments for frontline physicians and nurses。Promoting hard-,line dipl。omacy is Wester|n elites typical act。The White House has taken state appa|ratuses and pu“blic interests as campaign resources。Yokohama pays particular attention to the development of high-tech industries: such as AI, big data and robotics, and has launched a support policy 。especially for Chi。nese enterprises, Tomoko Kawashima, chief representative of the Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation Shanghai Office, told the Global Times。When directing classic dra。mas, including the works of Shakespeare, how to adapt them for modern audiences are questio“ns that creators |need to think about, Lai explained。

          9:08 am Ma。r 22Shanghai reported 14 newly confirmed cases from abroad on Saturday, bringing the total imported :case in the city to 56。Chinas industries are back in business after two months of stoppage, due t“o the outbreak。The~y dont follow m|arket: changes。The report also poin~ted out that the concentration~s of fine particles, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and total suspended particles were positively correlated with the| incidence and death of cardiovascular diseases。The author is a reporter with the Global: Times。(Xinhua/Gao。 Jing) People gather around the sculpture Bouquet of Tulips n~ear t,he Petit Palais in Paris, France, Oct。By ;doing so, more people will understand the ,necessity and rationale behind the work ,of de-extremism in Xinjiang。

          His mother Zar Yi |Myint was jollily making a vid~eo call with her; husband and daughter back in Myanmar。|The figure is predicted to exceed 1 milli,on by the end of April。Info。g|raphic: Globaltimes。A roundtable on China-US relations jointly organized 。by China Review Think Tank Foundation and the Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua Uni|versity, is held on Sunday。Since then K|ang has been wor,king on furthering his solo car;eer。The waters near the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant in Northeast Chinas Liaoning Province are a habitat for spotted seals。But those entrepr~eneurs do not come empty-ha。nded。

          Vince Carter contributed 12 for Atlanta and in the process became just the fifth player in NBA histor。y to pla:y in 1,500 games。It i|s hoped they will grow their business ;into the| projected 。Investment in shared-economy industry contracted for the first time in 2019, lea|ding to an explo~sion of ;services providing shared rides, communal office spaces and access to a broad range of goods and other services。local, time on; Mond,ay。~People from both :sides of the world are thus| brought closer together。Utilizing the transcendental modeli“ng based on data collected inside and outside of Chinas Hubei Province, the report mathematically forecasts the development of~ new cases in South Korea, Italy, and Iran based on reports released from the three countr|ies between March 6 and March 9。He felt sorry that the fans meeting activity was canceled, and had wanted to see: Irving, so he waited outside t~he teams hotel with many other fans。

          The key reason peace has still not been achieved o“n the Korean Peninsula is that after the end of the Cold War, the“ U:S, a country outside the region, has been inciting disputes on the peninsula to enhance the role of its alliances with South Korea and Japan in regional security affairs。Some US allies seem to act in concer~t with Wash“ington and Ta,keuchi just rushed to pick a side。People attend a culture and tourism festi;val themed on Dolan and Qiuci culture ;in Awat County of Aksu Prefecture, northwest Chinas Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, Oct。Due to deindustrialization, manufacturing industri~es in many Western co~untries have stalled and workers have moved to services industries。Many of them have made tremendous contributions to retri|eving lost looted cultural reli“cs, said Liu Yuzhu, head of NCHA, at the ceremony。;Gl:obal T|imes。We| believe,; guided by leaders from the two sides, ties between C;hina and India would become a significant factor in defining international relations in the future。

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